Auto Mouse Clicker

How to use Auto Mouse Clicker in Easy Steps

Given below video shows how to use the Clicker Software, do have a look and find out how easy it is to locate and add mouse clicks into the script. The Video also shows how to run the Clicker Script to automate the Mouse Clicks.

The Auto Mouse Clicker is another Mouse Automation Software Download with advanced Mouse Clicking features. The Clicker comes with a mouse script editor and debugger allowing your to view or oragnise your mouse clicking script easily.

The Software Download allows you to easily add mouse clicks in a script and add a memorable comment for every mouse click so that you can identify the mouse click later.

Download trial version of the software now, registration is simple & easy and requires you to pay only $5.00 for this Auto Mouse Clicker. There will be no reminders and the software will be fully functional untill trial usage limit is reached, however after the trial usage the Auto Mouse Clicker will stop working and will request you to register your copy.