MurGee Registration Key provides various software downloads. The Software Applications provided are mostly for Windows and are created using best possible technology. The Software Downloads are provided on a free to try basis. In order to download & try out any given software application, you are not expected to pay anything. Free to try software applications are offered free to download & try so that you can try out the software utility to your maximum satisfaction and only if you do wish to continue with the software after the trial limitations are over, you would be expected to get a Registration Key by paying a small activation fees.

The Registration Key offered by is provided to paying customer immediately after the payment is done. The Low Cost Software Applications by MurGee are fully tested and scanned using various antivirus software applications available on the internet. Registration Code or Serial Key are also the words used to refer to the Registration Key offered by MurGee. For Various Keyboard & Mouse Automation Software downloads such as Auto Clicker used to click at mouse cursor location without actually clicking, Random Mouse Clicker is another Automated Mouse Clicker with option of defining random delay between clicks and other options, Auto Typer to type sentences onto keyboard & hence onto the active application, Auto Mouse Clicker to create sophisticated Keyboard and Mouse Bots to automate almost anything and other software utilities, the Registration Key, Serial Key or Registration Code is the email id which you enter during the ordering process.

The fees to register a software application with MurGee can be paid using PayPal balance, Credit or Debit Card using PayPal or using Credit Card in your own currency using another Payment Processor. The Registration Fee helps the developers to develop software applications such as Auto Clicker, etc. The Software Applications by MurGee are being tested on Windows 8 as well, so that if in future, you do decide to upgrade to Windows 8, the software application by MurGee will work fine providing you the same old Keyboard & Mouse Automation features.

Download & try out any software utility from for free. Once you are happy with the software utility, spend minimal fees to get the registration key and unlock the trial limitations of the software. In case you do feel that some other feature should have been there in the utility, drop a line to and there are really good chances that you will get the feature for free without paying in anything extra for the software update. Yes Software updates are free for all the applications by MurGee for everybody.

During the trial of any software utility or application by MurGee, the software utility will work as good as full registered version. There will be no popup reminders or any limitation in the software functionality. However when the trial limitations are over, the software utility will ask for the Registration Code & will stop working. The Registration Box of the software will also provide a way to register your copy of the software utility with MurGee and will provide an edit box in which you will have to enter the Registration Key provided by MurGee upon software registration. Currently any of the shareware or free to try software application by MurGee can be activated by paying a small activation fees.