Mouse Bot Software

Download Mouse Bot Software for Windows and try it out for free. The Bot can be used to control Mouse Movements, Clicks and even Drag & Drop. The Bot available for download comes with many other features apart from providing easy and quick way to bot your mouse cursor. Keyboard Typing, Window Control, Bot Script Editing, Mouse Record & Play and many such related features.

The Mouse Bot Software can provide you quick and easy way to click the mouse cursor anywhere you want, auto bot the mouse drag and drop movements, simulate mouse movements and disable the clicks in the bot script. The Software Download provides one small setup which installs the bot onto the selected installation directory, creates shortcuts in programs menu and optionally on your desktop. The Bot comes loaded with various video tutorials to learn how to program the mouse bot, how to bot using batch files and much more.

Wanna know more about the Mouse Bot or give it a try, please do visit the Mouse Bot Software Download page or download it right now and automate simple or complex tasks and save yourself time & efforts.