Auto Key Presser

Press Key on Keyboard automatically using a script or a shortcut key. Key Pressing and Releasing can be done by selecting a single key or a group of key combinations. In case you would like to have your key presser to keep on pressing and releasing one single key on keyboard with configurable delay and configurable number of automatic key pressing and releasing of selected single key on keyboard then the Auto Keyboard software is available for you to download and give it a try on your computer running windows.

However if you would like to automate multiple keystrokes to be automated or sent to the window with focus, then another software name Auto Mouse Clicker can be of use to you. Yes even though the name suggests that the software is only for automatic mouse clicks, in actual it does have the functionality to automate multiple key strokes and even long sentences. It can even read text from a text file and type onto the window with focus. Comprehensive help,  various video tutorials, screenshots and short frequently asked questions with images can get you the perfect auto key presser in no time. Another best part is that you can try it out for free and as of this writing the registration fee is really cheap and costs only $5.00 per computer.

In case any of the above Key Presser software downloads does not fulfill you needs, you can write and you can get your custom made key presser built for you at no extra charges. The Auto Key Presser software downloads can be used for various purposes and with the support for other things such as mouse automation, window automation, etc, you can get almost anything automated. System wide Shortcut Key combinations are available in both of the above said software utilities and can be used to start or stop the automatic key pressing on your keyboard.