MurGee Software Downloads – Safe, Clean & Free from Virus

Yes Software Downloads from are safe, clean and do not contain any type of virus or malware. This short post will provide enough proof or evidence to support the clean and free from malware statement. The Software developers at MurGee do spend efforts in designing and creating various software applications such as Auto Clicker by MurGee, Keyboard Automation Software Utilities, Mouse Automation Software Applications, Monitor Management Software applications and much more.

Let’s start with Virus Scan Report of MurGee Software Downloads. As there are many antivirus software applications and windows allow to install only one antivirus software on your computer, it is not practical to scan the MurGee downloads.

A Virus in an application gets activated whenever the application is run. In order to verify whether MurGee Download contains virus or not, please do follow the given below steps:-

  • Download the desired application from & save it on your Computer.
  • Do not run it yet.
  • Open up your browser & visit VirusTotal dot com. This website allows you to upload a file and the website scans the uploaded file with more than 40 different latest version of AntiViruses.
  • In case more than 40 AntiViruses with latest configuration say that the software downloaded from do not contain any type of Virus or Malware, would you trust MurGee Software Downloads ?
  • In case yes you would trust MurGee Downloads, once they are scanned by 40 AntiViruses, please do proceed ahead.
  • Upload the downloaded setup.exe file to VirusTotal and let it scan and provide you the proof that MurGee downloads are totally clean, safe & free from any type of virus.

Other supporting proof for MurGee Software downloads is that the developers at MurGee cannot practically create any type of virus. Before uploading any file to, they scan the application setup file using the above mentioned procedure to make sure that you get a clean, safe and virus free application. As various software applications such as Auto Clicker, Auto Mouse Clicker, Mouse Mover and other applications are provided on a free to try basis, developers have the responsibility and need to provide you safe to install software application. also provides free software downloads so as to reach out maximum number of people around the world. On Internet the most important thing is reputation and publicity. In order to maintain good reputation and gain trust of the users, providing safe to download and install is the first thing to deliver. Yes other things like providing customer support, publicity and making sure that the software application provided is indeed free from any type of bugs, viruses, malware, etc and is completely safe to download from, install & use.

Software Applications downloaded from understand their responsibility and do make sure that you do get a clean and safe to install software application for your windows computer. In case you do have any type of concern or are worried about any software application downloaded from, please do contact MurGee Customer Support at and you will get a response within at max 24 hours.