Auto Mouse Clicker for Mac with Middle Mouse Click

Automate Mouse Clicking at current Mouse Location with Middle Mouse Click. The Auto Clicker presented here works on Intel based Mac Systems and this version of Auto Clicker works with Mac Version 10.4 onwards. Have a look at the screenshot below which displays the main screen of the Mac Auto Clicker. The Auto Clicking Utility presented here provides multiple Start / Stop options. Use any of the options provided by the software to Start and Stop Automatic Mouse Clicking. You can even configure the number of clicks to automate after which the Auto Clicker stops clicking automatically.

Auto Clicker for Mac 10.4 Onwards

Auto Click Mouse Left or Right Button with Middle Mouse Button

Download this Auto Clicker for Mac and let the software automatically click left or right mouse button. The Clicking is done at current mouse cursor position and can be started by either pressing the Start Button or configuring the Physical Middle Mouse Click to Start the automatic clicking as configured. Maximum number of mouse clicks to be automated can be configured from the main screen and delay between consecutive mouse clicks can be configured as well by defining the delay in either Seconds or MilliSeconds. Lower the delay between consecutive mouse clicks, the faster the Auto Clicker will do the Mouse Clicking at current mouse cursor position.

Whether you are using Mac Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion or even Mountain Lion, this Auto Clicker will work fine on all the Mac Operating Systems. There are tiny help buttons in the main screen of this Mac Auto Clicker which provide you the related information about a specific functionality. This Mac Auto Clicker is really simple and easy to use. All you would need to do is download the software, run it, specify the clicking control parameters, minimize it or let the software automatically minimize itself and do the mouse clicking wherever Mouse Cursor is present. This Auto Clicker for Mac can be really useful when you need to do numerous mouse clicks and with speed, whether you are playing a game or using any other software, this Auto Clicker for Mac can be really useful to simulate mouse clicks.

Controlled Random delay between mouse clicks will be added in next version of Auto Clicker for Mac. All users get free upgrades to the application and can even suggest new features to this Mac Auto Clicker to get extra functionality added. Download Auto Clicker for Mac and try it for free. In order to download the software, right click on the download link above and save it to your Desktop. Once you have downloaded the Auto Clicker, double click on the downloaded .zip file to view and launch the Auto Clicker for Mac. Just like Finder in Mac, this Auto Clicker also has a Menu which has related commands to this Auto Clicker for Mac. Do write to to report any bugs, suggest new features, get information about software licence or just send a video about how you are using this Auto Clicker on your Mac. You can find more sophisticated Mouse & Keyboard Automation Software Utilities for Windows on this website. Whether you need Mouse or Keyboard Automation for Mac or for Windows, here you can find appropriate software utility and get your task automated in a really easy way.