Auto Keybot & Mousebot

A Windows Software Utility that can work as AutoKeyBot and simultaneously as Auto MouseBot. This Auto Bot can work 24 hours a day and 365 days an year with precision and accuracy. Download this Bot Software or read below to understand how this simple bot application can be handy for you whether you are playing game or working with a complex desktop application or website. The Key and Mouse bot presented here can send single or multiple keystrokes  and / or single / multiple mouse clicks of every type.

Keybot and Mousebot together in a single windows software utility

Keybot and Mousebot together in a single windows software utility

Yes the bot displayed in the screenshot above brings you Auto Keybot and Mousebot together in a single cheap and free to try software download. There is much more in the software presenetd above apart from botting up Keyboard keys and mouse clicks, dragging , mouse movement, etc. Accuracy and productivity are one of the two most important factors due to which you can consider the auto mousebot and keybot preseneted here. Let’s say you are playing a game like runescape, farmville, famtown or even any type of action game and you frequently encounter occasions where you need to do mouse clicks in predetermined locations and even predetermined number of times, think of it would’nt it be best if a mousebot could help you automate all the mouse clicks and it could save you time and ofcourse the bot would perform with accuracy and hence your actions would be more productive and saving you time as well. Let’s consider another scenario where you are playing an online of desktop game or interacting with some desktop or web application which requires multiple mouse click to be performed by you an in between you are required to type some text using keyboard or even interact with windows in some other manner, the application presented above with integrated mousebot and keybot along with other assistive functions can make your complex task to as easy as pressing a single key on keyboard.

$ 5.00 is the licence fee you are required to pay once you are fully satisfied with the free trial download. Yes this comprehensive windows automation application is inexpensive, professional application which anybody can learn really quickly, is free to download and try, works with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and as applicable on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows. The Auto Keybot and Mousebot features displayed in the bot software above depict what all this bot utility has in offer for you on a high level. In case you do wannns give it a try without paying in a single penny, download the software for free and within few minutes you should be able to automate almost any kind of repetitive action comprising of key presses, mouse clicks, etc. This software helps you to save Keybot actions, Mousebot actions and other actions in a .mcs file which when launched executes all the stored mousebot, keybot and other windows actions. Starting the windows automation with .mcs file is as easy as to open a .txt file. Configurable shortcut keys allow you to start / stop the keybot and mousebot actions, there are small examples within the software to give you practical demonstration of keybot and mousebot actions being executed by the .mcs script file.

Read more about this comprehensive software bot or just download and start right away. Yes the bot presented here does have limitations for full screen direct x games and other applications. In full screen direct x games, the mouse, keyboard and other input devices connected to windows work in a different manner. The bot presented here can work good for simulating keyboard actions, automating of mouse clicks, drag / drop etc, however in full screen direct-x games, this software might not work as expected and this is due to differences in direct-x and normal windows mode. The bot presented here can be the easiest bot to learn powering up auto keybot actions, simulating auto keybot actions including all types of keystrokes simulation like function keys, return key, etc. This bot has sample scripts working on auto keybot actions, other examples which demonstrate mouse clicking, mouse movement without clicking, automating launching of websites, applications, etc with a simple and easy to follow interface.

Auto Mouse Clicker for Mac with Middle Mouse Click

Automate Mouse Clicking at current Mouse Location with Middle Mouse Click. The Auto Clicker presented here works on Intel based Mac Systems and this version of Auto Clicker works with Mac Version 10.4 onwards. Have a look at the screenshot below which displays the main screen of the Mac Auto Clicker. The Auto Clicking Utility presented here provides multiple Start / Stop options. Use any of the options provided by the software to Start and Stop Automatic Mouse Clicking. You can even configure the number of clicks to automate after which the Auto Clicker stops clicking automatically.

Auto Clicker for Mac 10.4 Onwards

Auto Click Mouse Left or Right Button with Middle Mouse Button

Download this Auto Clicker for Mac and let the software automatically click left or right mouse button. The Clicking is done at current mouse cursor position and can be started by either pressing the Start Button or configuring the Physical Middle Mouse Click to Start the automatic clicking as configured. Maximum number of mouse clicks to be automated can be configured from the main screen and delay between consecutive mouse clicks can be configured as well by defining the delay in either Seconds or MilliSeconds. Lower the delay between consecutive mouse clicks, the faster the Auto Clicker will do the Mouse Clicking at current mouse cursor position.

Whether you are using Mac Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion or even Mountain Lion, this Auto Clicker will work fine on all the Mac Operating Systems. There are tiny help buttons in the main screen of this Mac Auto Clicker which provide you the related information about a specific functionality. This Mac Auto Clicker is really simple and easy to use. All you would need to do is download the software, run it, specify the clicking control parameters, minimize it or let the software automatically minimize itself and do the mouse clicking wherever Mouse Cursor is present. This Auto Clicker for Mac can be really useful when you need to do numerous mouse clicks and with speed, whether you are playing a game or using any other software, this Auto Clicker for Mac can be really useful to simulate mouse clicks.

Controlled Random delay between mouse clicks will be added in next version of Auto Clicker for Mac. All users get free upgrades to the application and can even suggest new features to this Mac Auto Clicker to get extra functionality added. Download Auto Clicker for Mac and try it for free. In order to download the software, right click on the download link above and save it to your Desktop. Once you have downloaded the Auto Clicker, double click on the downloaded .zip file to view and launch the Auto Clicker for Mac. Just like Finder in Mac, this Auto Clicker also has a Menu which has related commands to this Auto Clicker for Mac. Do write to to report any bugs, suggest new features, get information about software licence or just send a video about how you are using this Auto Clicker on your Mac. You can find more sophisticated Mouse & Keyboard Automation Software Utilities for Windows on this website. Whether you need Mouse or Keyboard Automation for Mac or for Windows, here you can find appropriate software utility and get your task automated in a really easy way.


Auto Clicker for Mac

Auto Clicker to simulate mouse clicks on a Mac operating System or any other operating system that supports java. This auto clicker is really easy to use and configure. Yes this software utility works on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and other Windows versions as well provided Java Runtime version 1.3.1 is installed. This Software utility can be used to simulate or automate multiple mouse clicks with configurable delay in between clicks. In case you would like your mouse cursor to click really fast then just configure the delay in clicks to as low as possible and in case you want the automatic mouse clicks with long pauses in between, you can configure the delay in clicks to be on a higher side.

Automate Mouse Clicks on Mac with Auto Clicker

Mouse Clicker Configuration Screen

Download and try out this Auto Clicker for Mac and try it out for free. The software is built using Java and requires your operating system to have minimum 1.3.1 version of Java installed. Whether you want to use this auto clicker on Windows, Mac, Linux or any other computer operating system which has Java support, this free to try auto clicker can be used really easily. The software is bundled as a .zip file which on extraction will extract few files. Download the zip file, extract it and have a look at the ReadMe.txt file which explains how to use this Auto Clicker on Mac. In case you need an Auto Clicker for Windows, this will work equally good, however you can get Auto Clicker for Windows which provides lots of more functionalities as compared to this version of Auto Clicker.

In order to use this Auto Clicker for Mac, you would need to download the zip file and extract it. The zip file contains AutoClicker.jar and AutoClickerSettings.jar which are the files you would need to use in order to automate the mouse clicking and configure settings respectively. This Auto Clicker will work fine on your Mac provided you do have java version greater than or equal to 1.1.3. In order to check the java version on your Mac, you can open up the Hard Drive Icon, Click on the Hard Drive Icon on Mac, navigate to Applications and look for Utilities. Once you have located the Utilities option , find and click on the Terminal menu option. Once you have the Terminal window open, run the command java -version and you should be able to see which version of Java does your Mac has. Leopard or Mac OS X 10.5, Snow Leopard or Mac OS X 10.6, Lion or Mac OS X 10.7, Mountain Lion or Mac OS X 10.8 versions of Mac should be able to run this Auto Clicker fine.

In order to use this Auto Clicker for Mac, you would need to download, extract and copy the files onto your Mac and then you would need to configure a Keyboard Shortcut to launch the file AutoClicker.jar. This AutoClicker file when launched starts clicking wherever the mouse cursor is present. The file when launched again, stops the mouse clicking. Once you have configured a keyboard shortcut to the AutoClicker file, you should be able to easily start and stop the automatic mouse clicking with the same keyboard shortcut. On a Leopard or Mac OS X 10.5 version, you can add a keyboard shortcut to launch an application using Keyboard Shortcuts in Apple Menu – > System Preferences – > Keyboard & Mouse.

Timed Clicker to automate mouse clicks at specified time

Automate Clicking of Mouse Cursor in a timed manner with Timed Clicker. The Mouse Automation Software downloads presented here can click mouse as and when required. Whether you need to simulate a timed single mouse click or multiple mouse clicks in a timed manner, you will find an appropriate mouse automation software utility. The Mouse Automation Software downloads come with integrated help video tutorials describing how to use the downloaded software utility automating mouse and even keyboard.

Timed Clicker to Time Mouse Clicks

Create a Script, Schedule it to run at a defined Time

Apart from simulating timed mouse clicks you can even perform timed mouse movements without any type of actual clicks. The Timed Clicker allows to schedule mouse clicks as required. You can define when to start the mouse clicking , when to stop the clicking of mouse and at what frequency and location you want the mouse clicks to be performed. When the Timed Clicker is active, it displays an icon in system tray so that you do know that the software is working. You can even configure it so that it should exit automatically when all the scheduled actions have been performed. Auto Exit feature frees up memory used by the software utility and saves some CPU cycles as well.

Clicking on Windows Screen is co-ordinate specific and the Auto Mouse Clicker Software allows you to take full control over your automation requirements. You can add a window action which will move the selected window to a specific location at the start of the automation, making sure that the timed mouse clicks will be performed where you expect them. As with all the software applications, you must test your timed mouse clicks so that even when you are away, the software do performs the tasks it is supposed to do. Whether you want to perform a single mouse click, multiple mouse clicks or any other window action, you will find almost everything in this free to try or shareware application. The Help page of the Software has a video tutorial about timing the mouse clicks which can be really useful. There are many other video tutorial which can simplify using the software to perform timed clicks, automated clicks, multiple clicks grouping together single and double left and right clicks and yes even dragging of mouse cursor can be automated and performed in a timed manner .

Auto Right Click with Mouse Clicker

Automate Right Clicking of Mouse Cursor easily and quickly with the software presented here. Download the software and automatically click the selected click type when the configured short-cut key combination is pressed on keyboard.

Download the Mouse Clicking , Install it and Run it. By default the software is configured to simulate left mouse clicks. When you want to simulate right mouse clicks, click on the radio button at the bottom of the software screen, define other parameters of the mouse clicker.

Auto Right Click with Auto Right Clicker

Use the Mouse Clicker to Auto Right Click

When you are done specifying the parameters in the Mouse Clicker software click on Hide to System Tray. Now Move the mouse cursor on the screen, wherever you want to auto right click and press the configured shortcut key to start auto right clicking on your computer screen.

The Software allows to auto left click, auto right click and even double clicks. The time between the clicks can be controlled as well using this Mouse Clicker. The Delay between two consecutive right clicks can be specified as Fixed Delay or Random Delay between clicks. The Screen Location Picker allows to pickup screen location and provides 3 different options. The first option is to automate left or right click wherever the mouse cursor is present at the time of starting the auto clicking. The second option allows to simulate left or right mouse button click at random location onto the screen. The third screen picking up location allows to confine the mouse clicking into a configurable rectangular area.

Other section of the software allows to control how many left or right single or double mouse clicks you want to simulate when the configured shortcut key combination is pressed onto the keyboard. Click Type Selection allows to select what type of click you want to simulate, just select the appropriate click type from the available options and your click settings will be saved automatically. Finally Status Bar of the Software displays current status of the Mouse Clicker and the Hide to System Tray Button allows to hide the main window of this Mouse Clicker so that you can utilize your full screen without this Mouse Clicker obstructing your view.

Close Popup Window Automatically on Windows Computer

The Software presented here can be used as quick and easy window closer to close any unwanted popup reminders or other message box displays. The Software presented here is available for download now and can be used for multiple uses. It can be simply used as Window Closer to close any specified window. As the screenshot below displays, all you need to do is just select the desired window and mark it for automatic closure. The Button Clicker is a Window Automation Software and can be used on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and even on Windows 2000.

Close Popup Windows automatically with Window Closer

Mark Selected Window for Closure by defining Window Action

Download configurable Window Closer to close any popup window automatically. Try out the software for free on your windows 8, windows 7, vista, xp or other version of windows. Just bring up the desired window on screen, locate it in the Button Clicker and mark it to Auto Close. The Software presented here can be used for many other purposes such as Automatic Window Title Changer, etc. You can even use the software to click on the minimize and maximize button of any selected window.

Closing selected Window automatically was never so easy and configurable to manage. In case you would like to automate your application windows or document window in any other way for testing or some other automation purposes, please do write to the support team and you can get your desired window automation feature added for you easily.  Get rid of unwanted application windows easily and quickly with this configurable Window Closer.

Disable Keyboard and Mouse on a Windows Computer

This post presents a software utility which can be used to disable keyboard and / or mouse on a computer running almost any version of Windows. The Software Application does not requires you to look into registry, you do not need to restart your computer in order to enable the disabled keyboard or mouse and there is totally no need to struggle with control panel options and struggle with corresponding driver installation details or anything else.

The Keyboard & Mouse Disabler is really easy to use and can disable almost all keyboard keys. The Disabling of Mouse comes with various options. The Mouse Disabler provides indivual control to disable left click, right click, mouse wheel, middle button and even mouse movements. Effectively you can just select t disable the mouse clicks and still allow mouse movements on your windows desktop or laptop computer. Once you disable the Mouse using the Mouse Disabler, the touchpad of a laptop will also get disabled and all the options checked in the Mouse Disabler will be effective for the laptop’s touchpad as well.

Disable Complete Keyboard and Mouse Functions with Mouse Disabler

Select applicable checkBox to disable Keyboard or separate Mouse Functions

Download and try out this Mouse Disabler Software Utility and get complete control over keyboard and mouse. With Mouse Disabler, you will be able to Disable Mouse and whenever you want it again to be enabled, just close the software utility or press on the reset button on the main screen of the software utility. In order to navigate to various controls of the software utility, you will be able to use Tab key on keyboard (provided you have not disabled the keyboard using this software utility). The Mouse Disabler can be minimized as well and various shortcut keys are available in the software, which can be seen when you press the Alt Key on Keyboard. In order to disable the keyboard, all you need to do is check the checkbox that says Disable Keyboard Keys, that’s it. Whenever you want your keyboard to be enabled again, just close the software utility using the top cross button on the main screen of this software utility.

Yes this way of disabling the keyboard and mouse works on Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista and probably on other Windows versions. Disable Keyboard or Mouse with simple software application. When you disable keyboard using this software, the key Ctrl+Alt+Del will not be disabled and some other special windows keys will not be disabled. The software remembers whether you have disabled the keyboard or mouse and next time you launch the software, the corresponding mouse functionality will be disabled and same applies for disabling of keyboard. The Reset Settings button at the bottom right corner of the screen will uncheck all the options to disable keyboard and mouse and will fully enable, the blocked functionalities of mouse or keyboard.

Automatic Window Title Changer

Now you can change Window Title of any selected Window by just specifying new title. The Button Clicker Software can be used for many things like closing an application window, maximizing the window, minimizing the specified window automatically, moving specified window to the monitor on which mouse cursor is present and much more. The Automatic Changing of Window Title can equally be easily accomplished by following few simple steps. Once you have specified the new text / title of the window, the Button Clicker will automatically change the title of the selected window every time it is launched.

Software to Change Window Title Automatically

Change Window Title Automatically

As displayed in the figure above Window Title of any selected window can be changed really easily. The Software Application can be minimized or hidden in the System Tray as an icon & it monitors all the application windows launched. Whenever a Window with configured Window Text and Window Class appears, the software application can initiate changes to that application. Using the Software as Automatic Window Title Changer can be done in only a few steps. The Main Window of the Software presented here is divided into two parts. The upper part displays all the application windows as they gain focus along with date / time. The lower part of the software application allows you to add action associated with the window selected from the top list.

In order to use the application as automatic window title changer, download and install the window automation software utility. Launch the application from the programs menu or from the desktop shortcut. The Main Window of the Window Automation Software is also displayed above along with a sample application in which the title text was changed automatically by the software application presented above. In order to change the title of the window, you would have to launch it so that you can show that window to the Button Clicker software utility. The upper part of the software will display the application’s original title text. Select the desired record from the list and click on the Add Window Action button, this will present you another popup screen and will allow you to specify new text of the selected application window in the comments field.

Once you have specified the new text of any application, you Automatic Window Title Changer is ready for use. You can minimize the Button Clicker Software utility or Hide it to system tray. Now onwards every time you launch the application configured, it will appear with the new title text instead of the old one. Yes you can delete the Window Action specified, whenever you would like the target window to appear with the original text.

Download the Software Utility now and try it for free. The Software works on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 as well. Yes there will be new features added to the software and the upgrades to the application come for free. Apart from automatically changing the title of selected window (matched using original Window Text and Window Class), you can use the software to do many other things to get complete control over the application windows popping up on your desktop or laptop computer.

Disable ScreenSaver on Windows Or Mac

In Order to Disable ScreenSaver, there are many ways available. Many ways require admin rights and the way to disable screensaver presented here does not even requires admin rights. On a Windows Computer, you can disable the screensaver using the control panel and selecting None as the ScreenSaver in the ScreenSaver Properties. There are registry hacks that can be used to disable screensaver as well. In case you computer is a part of network group, disabling ScreenSaver can be done by managing group policy editor.

Software to disable ScreenSaver on a Windows Computer

Install or Run Auto Mouse Mover to disable ScreenSaver on a Windows Computer

Easy, Quick and Fast way to disable ScreenSaver without bothering for technical details can be done using the software presented here. Download Mouse Automation Software presented here and let this mouse automation software keep your windows computer active at all times. Yes, as long as the Software is simulating the Mouse Cursor Movements, the ScreenSaver will remain disabled. In case your citrix remote computer gets locked up automatically and require you to re-enter password, the software presented here will keep your citrix computer alive and active. In case you do not have admin rights to the computer on which you are working, you may not be able to install any software on the computer. The Software download to Disable ScreenSaver presented above does not requires an installation and can be run without having admin rights.

Similar Software for Mac is available for download to disable screensaver on Mac. The Software for Mac presented here requires Java to be installed on the Mac. The Software application for Windows has more number of options configurable options. However the basis principle behind both the software downloads to disable screensaver is the same. Yes, the software to disable screensaver on Mac can be used on a Windows computer as well, however as the Software presented for Windows has more number of configurable options, you may prefer to use the software made specifically for Windows.

The Software downloads presented above for either Windows or for Mac can be used to disable screensaver temporarily or even permanently. You can easily close the application to stop the mouse automation software simulating mouse movements. Enough care has been taken to make sure that the software downloads presented above do not contain any type of virus or malware. All the MurGee Software downloads are scanned using latest available antiviruses and are clean & safe to download & optionally install. The Software Applications presented above do not require installation and can be run directly.

In case you are still wondering how to disable screensaver on a Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, Windows 2000, Mac or even on a Windows 8 computer, just download & run appropriate software from the links provided in the post. The default options of the software applications presented above will simulate mouse movements and will disable screensaver automatically. In case you would opt to install the software on your windows computer, please navigate to the software details page and download the installer.

MurGee Software Downloads – Safe, Clean & Free from Virus

Yes Software Downloads from are safe, clean and do not contain any type of virus or malware. This short post will provide enough proof or evidence to support the clean and free from malware statement. The Software developers at MurGee do spend efforts in designing and creating various software applications such as Auto Clicker by MurGee, Keyboard Automation Software Utilities, Mouse Automation Software Applications, Monitor Management Software applications and much more.

Let’s start with Virus Scan Report of MurGee Software Downloads. As there are many antivirus software applications and windows allow to install only one antivirus software on your computer, it is not practical to scan the MurGee downloads.

A Virus in an application gets activated whenever the application is run. In order to verify whether MurGee Download contains virus or not, please do follow the given below steps:-

  • Download the desired application from & save it on your Computer.
  • Do not run it yet.
  • Open up your browser & visit VirusTotal dot com. This website allows you to upload a file and the website scans the uploaded file with more than 40 different latest version of AntiViruses.
  • In case more than 40 AntiViruses with latest configuration say that the software downloaded from do not contain any type of Virus or Malware, would you trust MurGee Software Downloads ?
  • In case yes you would trust MurGee Downloads, once they are scanned by 40 AntiViruses, please do proceed ahead.
  • Upload the downloaded setup.exe file to VirusTotal and let it scan and provide you the proof that MurGee downloads are totally clean, safe & free from any type of virus.

Other supporting proof for MurGee Software downloads is that the developers at MurGee cannot practically create any type of virus. Before uploading any file to, they scan the application setup file using the above mentioned procedure to make sure that you get a clean, safe and virus free application. As various software applications such as Auto Clicker, Auto Mouse Clicker, Mouse Mover and other applications are provided on a free to try basis, developers have the responsibility and need to provide you safe to install software application. also provides free software downloads so as to reach out maximum number of people around the world. On Internet the most important thing is reputation and publicity. In order to maintain good reputation and gain trust of the users, providing safe to download and install is the first thing to deliver. Yes other things like providing customer support, publicity and making sure that the software application provided is indeed free from any type of bugs, viruses, malware, etc and is completely safe to download from, install & use.

Software Applications downloaded from understand their responsibility and do make sure that you do get a clean and safe to install software application for your windows computer. In case you do have any type of concern or are worried about any software application downloaded from, please do contact MurGee Customer Support at and you will get a response within at max 24 hours.