Timed Clicker to automate mouse clicks at specified time

Automate Clicking of Mouse Cursor in a timed manner with Timed Clicker. The Mouse Automation Software downloads presented here can click mouse as and when required. Whether you need to simulate a timed single mouse click or multiple mouse clicks in a timed manner, you will find an appropriate mouse automation software utility. The Mouse Automation Software downloads come with integrated help video tutorials describing how to use the downloaded software utility automating mouse and even keyboard.

Timed Clicker to Time Mouse Clicks

Create a Script, Schedule it to run at a defined Time

Apart from simulating timed mouse clicks you can even perform timed mouse movements without any type of actual clicks. The Timed Clicker allows to schedule mouse clicks as required. You can define when to start the mouse clicking , when to stop the clicking of mouse and at what frequency and location you want the mouse clicks to be performed. When the Timed Clicker is active, it displays an icon in system tray so that you do know that the software is working. You can even configure it so that it should exit automatically when all the scheduled actions have been performed. Auto Exit feature frees up memory used by the software utility and saves some CPU cycles as well.

Clicking on Windows Screen is co-ordinate specific and the Auto Mouse Clicker Software allows you to take full control over your automation requirements. You can add a window action which will move the selected window to a specific location at the start of the automation, making sure that the timed mouse clicks will be performed where you expect them. As with all the software applications, you must test your timed mouse clicks so that even when you are away, the software do performs the tasks it is supposed to do. Whether you want to perform a single mouse click, multiple mouse clicks or any other window action, you will find almost everything in this free to try or shareware application. The Help page of the Software has a video tutorial about timing the mouse clicks which can be really useful. There are many other video tutorial which can simplify using the software to perform timed clicks, automated clicks, multiple clicks grouping together single and double left and right clicks and yes even dragging of mouse cursor can be automated and performed in a timed manner .