Mouse Click Counter Software to Count Mouse Clicks

How about a Mouse Click Counter which can count the number of Mouse Clicks done on a Windows Computer. The Mouse Click Counter presented here is a software program and can record all the clicks done on a Windows computer. The Clicks are counted and displayed seperately for Left and Right Clicks. The Mouse Click Counter displays more information apart from click count such as the Window Test and Window Class where the click was performed. The Click Counter even displays the position where the click was initiated.

Screenshot of Mouse Click Counter for Windows

Count Mouse Clicks with Mouse Click Counter

All the Mouse Clicks are counted by the Mouse Click Counter software application. Manual Mouse Clicks on any application and mouse clicks simulated by any Mouse Automation Software such as Auto Mouse Clicker or any other type of Mouse Automation Software. This website has lots of Mouse Automation Software downloads for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 which can simulate mouse clicks at configured locations, wherever mouse cursor is present or by following commands from a Mouse Automation Script. The Mouse Click Counter is embeeded currently in Auto Mouse Clicker  and in  Auto Mouse Click. Just launch the Mouse Click Counter software and it will start counting the Mouse Clicks as and when you click anywhere on screen. The Click Counter Window displays information actively during mouse clicks and hence will be displayed on top of all application and document windows. The Left Mouse Clicks can be exported to an external .csv file with a single mouse click as well.