MurGee Software Downloads – Safe, Clean & Free from Virus

Yes Software Downloads from are safe, clean and do not contain any type of virus or malware. This short post will provide enough proof or evidence to support the clean and free from malware statement. The Software developers at MurGee do spend efforts in designing and creating various software applications such as Auto Clicker by MurGee, Keyboard Automation Software Utilities, Mouse Automation Software Applications, Monitor Management Software applications and much more.

Let’s start with Virus Scan Report of MurGee Software Downloads. As there are many antivirus software applications and windows allow to install only one antivirus software on your computer, it is not practical to scan the MurGee downloads.

A Virus in an application gets activated whenever the application is run. In order to verify whether MurGee Download contains virus or not, please do follow the given below steps:-

  • Download the desired application from & save it on your Computer.
  • Do not run it yet.
  • Open up your browser & visit VirusTotal dot com. This website allows you to upload a file and the website scans the uploaded file with more than 40 different latest version of AntiViruses.
  • In case more than 40 AntiViruses with latest configuration say that the software downloaded from do not contain any type of Virus or Malware, would you trust MurGee Software Downloads ?
  • In case yes you would trust MurGee Downloads, once they are scanned by 40 AntiViruses, please do proceed ahead.
  • Upload the downloaded setup.exe file to VirusTotal and let it scan and provide you the proof that MurGee downloads are totally clean, safe & free from any type of virus.

Other supporting proof for MurGee Software downloads is that the developers at MurGee cannot practically create any type of virus. Before uploading any file to, they scan the application setup file using the above mentioned procedure to make sure that you get a clean, safe and virus free application. As various software applications such as Auto Clicker, Auto Mouse Clicker, Mouse Mover and other applications are provided on a free to try basis, developers have the responsibility and need to provide you safe to install software application. also provides free software downloads so as to reach out maximum number of people around the world. On Internet the most important thing is reputation and publicity. In order to maintain good reputation and gain trust of the users, providing safe to download and install is the first thing to deliver. Yes other things like providing customer support, publicity and making sure that the software application provided is indeed free from any type of bugs, viruses, malware, etc and is completely safe to download from, install & use.

Software Applications downloaded from understand their responsibility and do make sure that you do get a clean and safe to install software application for your windows computer. In case you do have any type of concern or are worried about any software application downloaded from, please do contact MurGee Customer Support at and you will get a response within at max 24 hours.

MurGee Registration Key provides various software downloads. The Software Applications provided are mostly for Windows and are created using best possible technology. The Software Downloads are provided on a free to try basis. In order to download & try out any given software application, you are not expected to pay anything. Free to try software applications are offered free to download & try so that you can try out the software utility to your maximum satisfaction and only if you do wish to continue with the software after the trial limitations are over, you would be expected to get a Registration Key by paying in a one time fee of $5.00 only.

The Registration Key offered by is provided to paying customer immediately after the payment is done. The Low Cost Software Applications by MurGee are fully tested and scanned using various antivirus software applications available on the internet. Registration Code or Serial Key are also the words used to refer to the Registration Key offered by MurGee. For Various Keyboard & Mouse Automation Software downloads such as Auto Clicker used to click at mouse cursor location without actually clicking, Random Mouse Clicker is another Automated Mouse Clicker with option of defining random delay between clicks and other options, Auto Typer to type sentences onto keyboard & hence onto the active application, Auto Mouse Clicker to create sophisticated Keyboard and Mouse Bots to automate almost anything and other software utilities, the Registration Key, Serial Key or Registration Code is the email id which you enter during the ordering process.

The One time fee of $5.00 to register a software application with MurGee can be paid using PayPal balance, Credit or Debit Card using PayPal or using Credit Card in your own currency using another Payment Processor. The Registration Fee helps the developers to develop software applications such as Auto Clicker, etc. The Software Applications by MurGee are being tested on Windows 8 as well, so that if in future, you do decide to upgrade to Windows 8, the software application by MurGee will work fine providing you the same old Keyboard & Mouse Automation features.

Download & try out any software utility from for free. Once you are happy with the software utility, spend $5.00 to get the registration key and unlock the trial limitations of the software. In case you do feel that some other feature should have been there in the utility, drop a line to and there are really good chances that you will get the feature for free without paying in anything extra for the software update. Yes Software updates are free for all the applications by MurGee for everybody.

During the trial of any software utility or application by MurGee, the software utility will work as good as full registered version. There will be no popup reminders or any limitation in the software functionality. However when the trial limitations are over, the software utility will ask for the Registration Code & will stop working. The Registration Box of the software will also provide a way to register your copy of the software utility with MurGee and will provide an edit box in which you will have to enter the Registration Key provided by MurGee upon software registration. Currently any of the shareware or free to try software application by MurGee can be registered by paying in a one time registration fee of $5.00 only.

Mouse Bot Software

Download Mouse Bot Software for Windows and try it out for free. The Bot can be used to control Mouse Movements, Clicks and even Drag & Drop. The Bot available for download comes with many other features apart from providing easy and quick way to bot your mouse cursor. Keyboard Typing, Window Control, Bot Script Editing, Mouse Record & Play and many such related features.

The Mouse Bot Software can provide you quick and easy way to click the mouse cursor anywhere you want, auto bot the mouse drag and drop movements, simulate mouse movements and disable the clicks in the bot script. The Software Download provides one small setup which installs the bot onto the selected installation directory, creates shortcuts in programs menu and optionally on your desktop. The Bot comes loaded with various video tutorials to learn how to program the mouse bot, how to bot using batch files and much more.

Wanna know more about the Mouse Bot or give it a try, please do visit the Mouse Bot Software Download page or download it right now and automate simple or complex tasks and save yourself time & efforts.

Multiple Mouse Clicker

Click at Multiple Locations on your Computer Screen simultaneously with Multiple Mouse Clicker. The Software Download allows to configure multiple locations (at max 4 currently) on computer screens to be clicked. The Mouse Clicking can be initiated by pressing the configured shortcut key even when the Multiple Mouse Clicker does not have focus. Once you have configured the mouse clicks, you can minimize the Multiple Mouse Clicker to system tray and initiate the clicks stored by pressing the keyboard shortcut key.

Download and try out this amazing Mouse Automation Software for free. In short this Multiple Mouse Clicker Software will allow you to click at max 4 different locations on your computer screen and each click can be configured. The Mouse Click configuration includes the number of clicks, delay in seconds and milliseconds. All the enabled clicks will be started simultaneously at the press of the configured shortcut key combination.

Click at Multiple Location on Windows Screen using MurGee Multiple Mouse Clicker

Configure Multiple Clicks and start the clicks with shortcut key combination

As there are multiple mouse locations tp be configured, the Multiple Mouse Clicker allows to select any of the Screen Co-Ordinates using a prebuilt System Wide Keyboard Shortcut. As displayed in the figure, currently the F6 key combination is in use to get the screen location. In order to get the Screen Location to be clicked, just move the mouse cursor to the desired position and press the F6 shortcut key. In case the function key F6 is already in use by some other software, the Multiple Mouse Clicker will try to grab hold of other function keys such as F7, F8 and F9. Once you have configured the mouse clicks, hide it to system tray and whenever you want the mouse clicks to be simulated automatically, just press the configured shortcut key combination and the software will do the clicks for you.


Auto Key Presser

Press Key on Keyboard automatically using a script or a shortcut key. Key Pressing and Releasing can be done by selecting a single key or a group of key combinations. In case you would like to have your key presser to keep on pressing and releasing one single key on keyboard with configurable delay and configurable number of automatic key pressing and releasing of selected single key on keyboard then the Auto Keyboard software is available for you to download and give it a try on your computer running windows.

However if you would like to automate multiple keystrokes to be automated or sent to the window with focus, then another software name Auto Mouse Clicker can be of use to you. Yes even though the name suggests that the software is only for automatic mouse clicks, in actual it does have the functionality to automate multiple key strokes and even long sentences. It can even read text from a text file and type onto the window with focus. Comprehensive help,  various video tutorials, screenshots and short frequently asked questions with images can get you the perfect auto key presser in no time. Another best part is that you can try it out for free and as of this writing the registration fee is really cheap and costs only $5.00 per computer.

In case any of the above Key Presser software downloads does not fulfill you needs, you can write and you can get your custom made key presser built for you at no extra charges. The Auto Key Presser software downloads can be used for various purposes and with the support for other things such as mouse automation, window automation, etc, you can get almost anything automated. System wide Shortcut Key combinations are available in both of the above said software utilities and can be used to start or stop the automatic key pressing on your keyboard.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 Automation Software Downloads

Automation Software Applications for Windows 7 and for Windows 8 are available for download here. The Automation Software Downloads provided here can automate almost everything on your PC or Laptop running almost any version of Windows including upcoming Windows 8 and the best Operating Systems provided by Microsoft i.e. Windows 7.

The Automation Software downloads can be tried for free without providing your email address or any other personal information. Just download the appropriate automation software by browsing from the right hand side links and try them out. In case an automation software provided does not fits your need, you can write to us and we can suggest you the appropriate automation software for you.

Automate repetitive Windows 8 tasks and make the most out of your Windows 8 operating system. The Software applications provided are typical desktop applications and they still needs to be tested on Metro UI applications. In most cases you will be able to configure the windows automation initiated using a system wide shortcut key combination or controlling the automated tasks with an icon in system tray.

Joystick to Keyboard, Mouse or Open Application

Joystick Buttons Mapper allows to map joystick buttons to open up any application, automate keyboard typing, automate mouse cursor movements and clicks. The Joystick mapper software can be used when joystick is not in use by any application and can even be used to test whether various buttons of joystick are working fine or not.

In order to automate computer tasks such as mouse movement or keyboard typing, the joystick buttons can be mapped to Automation Scripts created by Auto Mouse Clicker Software. The Joystick buttons mapper is available on a try before buy basis and can be tried for free. Download Joystick buttons mapper software, install it, plug in joystick to computer’s USB port, start the Joystick mapper software and that’s it. By default buttons of joystick when pressed will open up various windows software applications.

Default Screen of Joystick Buttons Mapper Software

Open any application, Automate Keyboard and Mouse Input to Windows using Joystick software

You can easily change the applications or documents to which joystick buttons are mapped. To automate keyboard typing or mouse movement or clicks. create an appropriate automation script with Auto Mouse Clicker by and  map the required button to the saved script. The Automation Script containing Keyboard, Mouse, Window Automation, etc is stored as a file with a .mcs extension. The Screenshot above displays Joystick Buttons mapper software in default condition with 4 buttons mapped for opening windows programs and other 4 joystick actions (Left, Right, Top and Down Keys) to open up other 4 different windows applications.

Color Change Detector

Detect Color Changing on Computer Screen with Color Change Detector. The Software Utility provides easy ways to pickup location on computer screen and allows to configure opening of application or open document whenever a change in defined screen pixel location is detected. The Color Change Detector also allows to define a new color for the configured screen location. Have a look at the given below screenshot of Color Change Detector which displays various features of the software utility.

Detect Changing Colors on Computer Screen with Color Change Detector

Detect Screen Changes with Color Change Detector

Watch Closely the above Screenshot of Color Change Detector and note the various screen monitoring features in it. The above screen is to add a new Color Matching Event to the list of color change events to be detected. Editing an existing Color Matching Event is also done by the same screen. Given below are short description of various controls and features of the screen displayed above.

Firstly it provides a system wide shortcut key combination to get the screen location to monitor. Location Under Cursor button allows you to pick the screen location and can be pressed by pressing the system wide shortcut key combination. Screen Co-ordinates & Screen Color of the defined pixel location are displayed automatically whenever the button named Location Under Cursor is pressed.

Next note Color Change Detection parameters which allow to control whether the screen location to be monitored should change to a specific color or to any color in order to fire up an event which in turn will open up the configured application or document file path. There is another System Wide Shortcut Key combination available to get the screen color of the pixel under mouse cursor.

Whenever Color Change Event is detected as configured above, you can configure what application or document file to open. In order to locate the file path, there is a button with 3 dots which opens a browse file screen and on selection, the file path is displayed in this screen of Color Change Detector. In case you would like to simulate some mouse actions, keyboard actions or even a group of window and application actions, you can select the .mcs file of Auto Mouse Clicker with Keyboard, Mouse and other events in it.

Other parameters allow you to specify maximum number of times, the color change event should be fired, specify an appropriate comment for this color change detection event and to enable or disable this color change event.  Download free trial of Color Change Detector and automate screen monitoring of the any location on computer screen. The Software download can be used on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and even on Windows XP, Windows 2000, etc. The Color Change Detector trial is provided as a shareware application and has no reminders or popup and is fully functional software with usage limitations only.

Macro Recorder

Wanna record macros and play them for automating mouse and keyboard inputs to your computer? Macro Recorder offered here can come quite handy to record and playback macros in a really easy way. Yes there are lots of tutorials available in the software itself and sample macros which can get you started in no time and help you automate almost any activity on your windows computer.

The Macro Recorder offered here is a small application that can record mouse clicks and allow you to insert auto text using the add keyboard command option. The Macro Recorder will record only mouse inputs and you can even test your recorded macro by disabling any of the clicks recorded in the macro.

Macro Editor with Macro Recorder and Player

Macro Editor with Macro Recorder and Player

The Macro File can be stored as a .mcs file and can be played by double clicking on it or by even assigning a system wide shortcut key to it. For example when you Open a .txt file, the associated text editor opens up and displays the contents of the .txt file, similarily when you double click on a .mcs file the Macro Player kicks in and automates the macro recorded.

Controlling the Macro playback is also easy to manage, you can simply assign a keyboard shortcut to stop the macros being played and effectively whenever you press the configured shortcut key, the macro playback will stop automatically. The Macro Editor will allow you to view the contents of the macro and will allow you to edit any of the records. Generic Windows command such as Copy, Paste, Delete, etc work in the Macro editor and hence it can be really easy to edit the macro.

In a nutshell, with the offered Macro Recorder you will be able to record mouse clicks and with the Macro Editor you will be able to edit the recorded mouse clicks, add automatic text inputs for normal text or even special keys such as Tab, Enter, Arrow Keys, etc, Open a Website, control any Window with configured title to maximize, clos etc. Sounds interesting ? download the free trial of the macro recorder now and give it a try. The download size is small and should get downloaded really fast and the first time you open the Macro Editor, it will open up tutorial page where you will be able to watch videos of creating macros and editing macros also you will be able to download sample macros. Visit Macro Recorder page to know more about it’s features and download the free trial.

Automation Software Downloads

This website presents free to try and easy to use keyboard and mouse automation software downloads for Windows. The Automation Software downloads work on latest Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc and provide automation facilities according to your desired needs. Given below paragraphs will briefly outline benefits and usages of various automation software downloads and will provide appropriate link where you can find more information about that particular automation software, download and try it for free.

Traditional Copy Paste function in Windows is one of the basic automation functionality which almost ever windows user has used to automate repetitive typing, file operations and most of the software downloads available today provide copy paste functions so that user of the software can achieve maximum output, save time and efforts. As the applications and associated tasks have evolved from simple to complex tasks, at times you may wish that if copy paste could be automated then it would save you time and efforts. Now you can automate copy paste functions between various application, be it Microsoft Excel, Word or even sending emails or anything else. The Automated Copy Paste works by automating keyboard typing and mouse movements and clicks, hence whenever you want to automate copy paste or any other related functions and you can jot down exact sequence, the automated copy paste facility can prove really useful.

Automated Typing can be really useful whenever you need an automation software that can type long sentences easily and additionally automate special key press on keyboard. The Auto Typer can be used to store long text sentences with special key press events assigned to a shortcut key combination. This automation software sits in system tray and waits for the shortcut key combination to be pressed and whenever you press the configured shortcut key, it looks for the associated text phrase stored and kicks in a robot which types the associated text onto keyboard as if you are typing that phrase manually onto keyboard. Typing long phrases manually onto keyboard can be made history with this small automation software. Special Keyboard combinations such as pressing of Enter Key, Tab Key, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, etc can be embeeded in the automation text as well. Let’s say you wish to automate typing of 3 lines of text and every line of text must appear on seperate line, you can simple use text combination like First Line{ENTER}Second Line{ENTER}Third Line{ENTER} and assign it a keyboard shortcut, now onwards whenever you press the assigned shortcut key on keyboard, the automation software will type First Line, will press Enter on keyboard, will type Second Line onto keyboard, press Enter Key and so on.

Automate Clicking of Mouse at controllable Random or Fixed duration with Random Interval Clicker. This Mouse Automation Software provides a shortcut key to start and stop the automated mouse clicks, allows to control the number of clicks, allows to define fixed or random interval between the clicks (e.g. Random Interval between clicks of 1 to 5 Seconds), control whether the clicks must be performed on the current mouse location, or random location on full or partial screen. This Automation Software adds sophistication to the software and can save you efforts in repetitive clicking and can really speed up the clicking task.

A trimmed version of the Random Mouse Clicker is Auto Clicker which provides only basic clicking features. This simple automation software can be comparitively simple & easy to understand and use. It provides configurable shortcut key combination to start and stop the clicking, allows to control the number of clicks and allows to control the speed of clicks by providing a configurable delay interval between the clicks. The delay interval between clicks can be configured up to millisecond precision and hence this mouse automation software can be used as fast clicker or even slow and constant clicker.

Mouse Clicking Scripts for clicking at defined location on your computer screen can be created with Auto Mouse Click. It is a smple and easy to use mouse automation software in which you can store multiple mouse clicks to be automated. Once you define and store the mouse automation script, you can run the mouse automation script by double clicking on the saved script file easily. The Software is purely mouse automation software and it’s simplicity makes it really easy to understand and use. This Mouse Automation Software has only one screen and the software page provides a video demo showing how to save multiple clicks in a single file and automate the saved clicks whenever required.

Another comprehensive Mouse Automation Software provides more sophistication to mouse automation. This sophisticated mouse automation software is named as Auto Mouse Clicker and just like above described mouse automation software, can be used to store multiple clicks in a single file and automate them as and when required. Apart from Mouse Automation, this software also provides way to automate keyboard typing, automation of special key combinations, automation of windows, taking automatic screenshots and store them as .bmp files, automate launching of applications, opening existing documents, etc. With all the features you can automate your tasks with maximum precision. The Software does not provide any sort of automated decision making, but provides a way to control the number of times a configured task must be automated. In case you can break down your task into simple steps, there are really good chances that this keyboard and mouse automation software can be really useful for you by saving you time, making your tasks accurate, providing efficient resources management, etc. The most important concern here must be to accurately define and control the automation task. As the software provides automation of mouse cursor by providing ways to automate mouse movement, clicks and drag , drop and keyboard automation with automated typing and pressing of special key combinations, it can virtually be used to automate any task provided the automated tasks are pre-programmed properly taking into consideration each and every possible scenario and ofcourse intensive testing must be done prior to using the software in a live or actual environment.

Do browse this website or just have a look at the right hand side of this website, where it lists various automation software downloads. In case you cannot find an appropriate software to automate your task, please do contact us and we will try our best to get your task automation with existing or new automation software. There are many more keyboard and mouse automation software downloads available at to explore. Yes all the automation software downloads are free to try or are shareware software downloads. Once trial usages are complet, all the software applications ask for a one time payment of $5.00 (as of this writing), yes they are damn cheap, easy to use, free to try and work as advertised.