Fast Clicker

Repetitive tasks are meant to be automated so that you can save time and get maximum output from your efforts. Now offers two really fast clickers which can be used as fast clicker with fixed or random interval between the clicks, can click at a fixed location on computer screen, can be used to simulate mouse clicks in a controlled rectangular area and allow you to define the speed of the clicks.

One Fast Clicker is named as Auto Clicker which can be used to click really fast at a controllable speed. The Speed of clicking the mouse cursor is controlled by the time difference between two consecutive clicks. Less the time difference between two clicks, the fast the clicker will click the mouse cursor. Fast Clicker can be useful in games or wherever you want to click really fast. The Clicker offers other useful and easy to configure parameters as well. The Fast or Slow Clicking of mouse cursor can be controlled by pressing a keyboard shortcut. The Keyboard shortcut to start and stop the clicking can be set to any key combination you wish to use. Any Function key (such as F3, F4, F12, etc) can be quite handy as a keyboard shortcut to start and stop the clicker. One Press of the shortcut key can start the continous clicks and any shortcut key press on keyboard can stop the fast or slow clicks. In case you do know the number of clicks to be clicked, you can even set the number of clicks to click.

Another Fast Clicker provides all above said functionalities plus more and is named as Random Mouse Clicker. Just like Auto Clicker, this fast auto clicker allows you to start / stop the fast clicks, configure the number of clicks to be clicked and provides other useful features as well. One of the extra features that this software offers is to define where on screen you wish the automatic fast or slow clicking to be simulated. The Screen Area can be configured to be the total desktop area of a rectangular region defined by top left corner of the screen and width and height of the area to be used for clicking. You can even select random interval between two consecutive clicks, so that although your mouse cursor may be clicking really fast, but it will be clicking at random intervals. The Random interval duration can be controlled by specifying minimum and maximum random interval between clicks. Last but not the least, with this fast clicker, you can even select the click type to be simulated and are not limited to only left mouse clicks.

The Software downloads presented above work on almost all Windows Operating Systems and are available on a try before buy ($5.00 to Register once trial usage is complete) basis. Any of the software downloads mentioned above can be really fast clickers (remember minimum the delay between clicks, fast the clicking will be performed) with fixed or random interval between the clicks. The Random interval feature will provide you really fast clicking but with random interval between clicks. Download any fast clicker now and control mouse clicks really easily and in a controlled way.

Auto Drag & Drop with Mouse Automation Software

Automate Mouse Drag Drop with Auto Mouse Clicker Software easily and quickly. The Auto Drag and Drop is one of many mouse automation features offered by the Auto Mouse Clicker Software Utility. The Automatic Drag and Drop can be simulated in two easy steps. First add an event for the Mouse Drag Start and then add an event for Mouse Drag Stop.
Have a look at the figure above which shows mouse drag and drop automation. The Auto Mouse Clicker can do much more than auto drag and drop so that you can fully utilize the power of mouse automation on your windows computer. The Auto Mouse Clicker can automate keyboard typing, can launch applications, open documents, automate single and double clicks of mouse cursor on a windows computer easily.

Mouse Button(s) Clicker

A Mouse Automation Software that can be used to click mouse buttons with a system wide configurable shortcut key. Click Middle Mouse Button, Left Click , Right Click or even Left Double Button Clicks.  Given below is the main screen of the mouse clicker software utility. The Software allows configuring upto 4 system wide shortcut keys which can be used independently. Download the Mouse Clicker software and try it for free to automate mouse clicks on windows easily.

Click Mouse Buttons with Keyboard

Click Mouse Buttons with Mouse Clicker Automation Software

Middle Mouse Button Click on Laptop or Desktop

The Mouse Button Clicker allows you to configuring system wide shortcut key to click the middle mouse button. The Software can be really handy if your mouse does not have middle mouse click button or middle mouse button is not working. The Middle Mouse Button provides useful functionality depending on the software on which you are using it. The Middle Mouse Button can be used in Internet Explorer or Firefox to scroll a website up, down or sideways. The Middle button when clicked on a link on a webpage opens up the link in new tab. The Mouse Clicker automation software can be used on any Windows Operating System

Automate Left and Right Mouse Clicks

The Mouse Clicker automation software also allows configuring of single or double clicks with shortcut key. In case you keep the keyboard shortcut key pressed, the software will automate multiple mouse clicks and it can really helpful many times.

Automate Copy and Paste with Auto Mouse Clicker Software

With Microsoft Operating System, the Copy Paste function is really one of the most useful functions. Now you can automate copy and paste with the software presented here. The Software is named as Auto Mouse Clicker and is offered by on a free to try basis.

Copy Paste can be done using Keyboard or with Mouse. Now the Software presented here can automate copy paste functions so that the task can be speeded up and can save you lots of time. Whether you wish to automate copy paste functions in excel spreadsheet or a word document, the basic idea is to click on appropriate menu or press Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.  Now you can create a macro script to automate copy and paste functions and even switch betwen applications using Alt + Tab or any other keyboard function. When automating copy and paste using mouse click, you need to be sure that the screen resolution remains the same and is not changed when recording the macro or script and playing the macro script.

Auto Copy Paste with Auto Mouse Clicker

Macro to Automate Copy Paste

Download the Auto Mouse Clicker Software and when you first run it, it will display you a help document containing screenshots and video tutorials showing how you can get your automated copy paste running up in no time. The Software is multilingual and hence you can automate documents of any type, automate any type of mouse click, automate keyboard keys such as Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, Up Arraw Key or any other key of keyboard.

Auto Keyboard Automation Software Utility

Automate Keyboard keys with Auto Keyboard Software Utility for Windows. The Software utility will automatically press and release the selected key at controllable speed and controllable number of times. The Keyboard Automation can be started and stopped using a shortcut key combination. Have a look at the screenshot of the Auto Keyboard Software Utility given below to get an idea of how it works and how you can put it to use wherever you wish a single keyboard key to be pressed and released many times.

Auto Keyboard to automate key press and release
Automate Key Press and Release with Auto Keyboard

Download the Auto Keyboard Software utility and let this automation software do the required keyboard automation for you. The Screenshot of the Auto Keyboard will give you an idea of how you can easily control the software.

The Auto Keyboard Software will send the selected key events directly as if they are being sent from the keyboard manually and can be a really handy and easy to use software tool to speed up key press and release on keyboard.

In case you would like to automatically type in long text sentences and would like to save time on typing sentences manually on keyboard , the Auto Typer software application can be really useful for you. The Auto Typer can be used to store text with a system wide shortcut key combination and whenever you press the  configured shortcut key, the text would be typed onto keyboard, just as if you are doing it manually.
You can use the Auto Keyboard Software utility to automate single key press and release multiple number of times and Auto Typer to automate typing of long sentences onto keyboard. Both of the software utilities sits silently in system tray and waits for the configured shortcut key to be pressed and whenever you press the configured shortcut key, the corresponding  software will do the keyboard automation as set.

Color Clicker to Match Color on Screen and Click

Now you can automate clicking on screen by color matching. The Color Clicker can be really useful to match specified color onto computer screen and click wherever color is found. The Color Clicker is really configurable and easy to use with lots of options available for configuring the click.

Configure Color Clicker to search onto a specified color on computer screen onto whole computer screen or define a rectangular area where to search for the color. You can even define the number of pixels for the increment search. The Color Search onto the computer by default works on screen by searching the top left corner of the screen and then scans the whole line of pixels by incrementing the pixel value by 1 pixel. You can configure the pixel increment so that your pixel search works fast but skips points onto screen that are not required to be search or according to the color density onto the computer screen.

Configuration Screen of Color Clicker

Configure Color Clicker to search screen and click

The Pixel color can be configured by locating the pixel color under mouse cursor or even by specifying the color from a color selection screen. Apart from color configuration and rectangular are to search for the target pixel color, you can define other attributes such as click delay, repeat count (The Number of times the pixel search and click should be automated), whether cursor should be moved back to the last screen co-ordinates after the search and click is complete and you can even visually see the color search by specifying the mouse cursor to move with pixel search onto the computer screen. Download and automate color search and click onto the computer screen now.

Cursor Mover and Clicker Software

Move Cursor and let the cursor follow exact path recorded with optionally clicking selectable positions. Just start the recorder, record the cursor moving path by clicking actually on the screen and then disable the clicks where you want that the cursor should only move, stay there for configurable number of seconds and then move to the next position or click the cursor at the next position.

There are two types of cusror mover softwares available here. One is as given below which is a really sophisticated mouse cursor automation software and can be used for various purposes. However in case you would like to have the cursor to just move on the screen so that it emulates physical cursor movement to prevent the computer from going into idle state or something like that, you might wish to have a look at another simple software which can keep the mouse cursor moving all the time or only when the computer is left idle.

Download the Cursor Automation Software from Auto Mouse Clicker webpage. In order to record the cursor positions, follow the procedure as outlined in the mouse recorder post of this website. Once you are done with recording, the mouse automation software will open up an editor where you can specify edit the mouse clicks recorded and disable mouse clicks so that the recorded click work as cursor mover only. In order to change a mouse click to cursor mover only, right click on the mouse click record and select the option to disable it. Once disabled the mouse automation record will work only to move the cursor according to the defined parameters.

Software o Move Cursor around the Windows Computer Screen

Cursor Mover Software

The mouse click editor software can be a really time saver. In case while recording the cursor positions by clicking on the computer screen on various windows, you opted to record preview of the window, you will be able to see a screenshot of possibly every window on which you clicked. Screenshot of every window on which you click will help you to identify every cursor position in the mouse automation script.

In case you disable all the recorded mouse clicks, you will have a pure cursor mover script which will move your mouse cursor around the computer screen as you recorded. Explore various features of the software using right click in the editor or with menu options of the mouse click editor. Use the software to create cursor mover mouse automation scripts easily and quickly. The Software is provided as shareware or in other words, you can try it out for free on a windows computer without any reminder popups to buy the software or without any feature limitation for 20 uses and in case you do like the software and you would like to create more cursor mover scripts to be executed using shortcut key combinations or with a scheduler or by just launching the cursor mover script file by double clicking on the file, you can unlock the trial limitations of the software by paying in a one time fee of USD 5 only.

Mouse Click Recorder

Easy to use Mouse Recorder

Record Mouse Clicks with Mouse Recorder


Mouse Recorder to Record Mouse Clicks and play them as and when desired. Really easy and quick way to record mouse actions to playback at a later time using a scheduler or a shortcut key combination. Download the software and give it a try now, or have a look at the steps outlined below to record and playback with Mouse Click Recorder.  The steps outlined below may seem like a lot of work, however in actual you will find that everything goes with the flow and this Mouse Recorder can become a really useful tool to automate repetitive tasks. 

In Order to record mouse clicks, please do follow given below steps 

  • Start the Mouse Recorder and press the Record Button.
  • Now when you press the Record button, the Mouse Recorder will minimize automatically within few seconds so that you can click anywhere on screen.
  • Now as the Mouse Clicks are recorded, whatever you click now will be recorded by the Mouse Recorder. The Main interface of the software will also allow you to edit the recorded mouse click actions.
  • Once you are done with clicking mouse to record a click or multiple clicks, restore the Mouse Recorder and click on the Stop Button.
  • Now the Mouse Recorder will exit and will open up the recorded mouse clicks in an editor where you can view or edit them. You can even add keyboard typing into the recorded mouse actions.
  • In order to playback the recorded mouse clicks, you will have broadly 2 options
  • The first option to play the recorded mouse clicks is to assign a computer wide shortcut key combination so that whenever you press the configured shortcut key combination, the recorded mouse clicks will be played or all the actions stored in the mouse recorded clicks file will be played automatically.
  • The second option to play the clicks recorded by the Mouse Recorder is to save the file to desktop or any any location and whenever you wish to play the recorded mouse actions, just double click on the file and the recorded mouse clicks will be played back. You can even use a scheduler to playback the recorded mouse click actions by asking the scheduler to open the Mouse Recorder file.

The Mouse Recorder comes with an inbuilt editor with which you can control various ascpects of the recorded mouse clicks such as repetitions, delay in mouse clicks, add memorable comment with ever mouse click, assign shortcut key combination to playback the file recorded by the Mouse Recorder and you can even add keyboard automation.

Auto Clicker Download

This Post describes all auto clicker downloads available from this website. The available download for Auto Clicker includes various softwares with single mouse click automation, automating multiple mouse clicks, keep mouse cursor moving, record and playback mouse macro easily and many others. Download the auto clicker according to your needs and the best part is all the softwares work as decribed and you can easily find help for the auto clicker softwares.

  • Auto Clicker : Download this Auto Clicker to automate mouse clicking at mouse cursor’s location with configurable delay in minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Start and stop the clicker with a configrable shortcut key combination.
  • Auto Mouse Clicker : Download this mouse and keyboard automation software to automatically click and type on keyboard according to a defined clicker script. Available options to record the clicker script include a Mouse Click Recorder and a configurable shortcut key combination to add mouse clicks. This easy to use mouse clicker software has video and text tutorials  as well.
  • Auto Mouse Click : Download single screen auto clicker to automate a series (or group of  of mouse clicks. Save the Mouse Clicks File and double click it to start the mouse automation or use a shortcut key combination to start and stop the mouse clicker.
  • Automate Mouse Cursor Movements : Download this mouse cursor mover and keep your mouse cursor moving whenever your computer is left idle. Easy to use software sits in system tray and allows you to configure the idle computer duration, allows to create a shortcut to move mouse cursor to top, left, right and bottom corner of your computer screen and much more.

All the Auto Clicker downloads are for Windows and do work on Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP and other Windows OS. The Mouse Automation downloads presented above work on free to try basis (shareware). All the software programs work without any nagging reminders and popups reminding to buy the software. As of this writing each soclicker software can be registered to unlock the trial limitations by paying in a small $5.00 (Only  £3 and some pennies) or converted amount in your currency. Download Auto Clicker, automate mouse clicking (single, double and left, right mouse clicks), even automate typing on computer (as if someone is actually typing on keyboard), keep your computer active (by moving mouse automatically) when you leave your computer or remote desktop computer and yes of course, do explore more about the auto clicker softwares by browsing through the menu on the right hand side of the website.

Mouse Click Counter Software to Count Mouse Clicks

How about a Mouse Click Counter which can count the number of Mouse Clicks done on a Windows Computer. The Mouse Click Counter presented here is a software program and can record all the clicks done on a Windows computer. The Clicks are counted and displayed seperately for Left and Right Clicks. The Mouse Click Counter displays more information apart from click count such as the Window Test and Window Class where the click was performed. The Click Counter even displays the position where the click was initiated.

Screenshot of Mouse Click Counter for Windows

Count Mouse Clicks with Mouse Click Counter

All the Mouse Clicks are counted by the Mouse Click Counter software application. Manual Mouse Clicks on any application and mouse clicks simulated by any Mouse Automation Software such as Auto Mouse Clicker or any other type of Mouse Automation Software. This website has lots of Mouse Automation Software downloads for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 which can simulate mouse clicks at configured locations, wherever mouse cursor is present or by following commands from a Mouse Automation Script. The Mouse Click Counter is embeeded currently in Auto Mouse Clicker  and in  Auto Mouse Click. Just launch the Mouse Click Counter software and it will start counting the Mouse Clicks as and when you click anywhere on screen. The Click Counter Window displays information actively during mouse clicks and hence will be displayed on top of all application and document windows. The Left Mouse Clicks can be exported to an external .csv file with a single mouse click as well.