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Record Mouse Clicks with Mouse Recorder


Mouse Recorder to Record Mouse Clicks and play them as and when desired. Really easy and quick way to record mouse actions to playback at a later time using a scheduler or a shortcut key combination. Download the software and give it a try now, or have a look at the steps outlined below to record and playback with Mouse Click Recorder.  The steps outlined below may seem like a lot of work, however in actual you will find that everything goes with the flow and this Mouse Recorder can become a really useful tool to automate repetitive tasks. 

In Order to record mouse clicks, please do follow given below steps 

  • Start the Mouse Recorder and press the Record Button.
  • Now when you press the Record button, the Mouse Recorder will minimize automatically within few seconds so that you can click anywhere on screen.
  • Now as the Mouse Clicks are recorded, whatever you click now will be recorded by the Mouse Recorder. The Main interface of the software will also allow you to edit the recorded mouse click actions.
  • Once you are done with clicking mouse to record a click or multiple clicks, restore the Mouse Recorder and click on the Stop Button.
  • Now the Mouse Recorder will exit and will open up the recorded mouse clicks in an editor where you can view or edit them. You can even add keyboard typing into the recorded mouse actions.
  • In order to playback the recorded mouse clicks, you will have broadly 2 options
  • The first option to play the recorded mouse clicks is to assign a computer wide shortcut key combination so that whenever you press the configured shortcut key combination, the recorded mouse clicks will be played or all the actions stored in the mouse recorded clicks file will be played automatically.
  • The second option to play the clicks recorded by the Mouse Recorder is to save the file to desktop or any any location and whenever you wish to play the recorded mouse actions, just double click on the file and the recorded mouse clicks will be played back. You can even use a scheduler to playback the recorded mouse click actions by asking the scheduler to open the Mouse Recorder file.

The Mouse Recorder comes with an inbuilt editor with which you can control various ascpects of the recorded mouse clicks such as repetitions, delay in mouse clicks, add memorable comment with ever mouse click, assign shortcut key combination to playback the file recorded by the Mouse Recorder and you can even add keyboard automation.