Cursor Mover and Clicker Software

Move Cursor and let the cursor follow exact path recorded with optionally clicking selectable positions. Just start the recorder, record the cursor moving path by clicking actually on the screen and then disable the clicks where you want that the cursor should only move, stay there for configurable number of seconds and then move to the next position or click the cursor at the next position.

There are two types of cusror mover softwares available here. One is as given below which is a really sophisticated mouse cursor automation software and can be used for various purposes. However in case you would like to have the cursor to just move on the screen so that it emulates physical cursor movement to prevent the computer from going into idle state or something like that, you might wish to have a look at another simple software which can keep the mouse cursor moving all the time or only when the computer is left idle.

Download the Cursor Automation Software from Auto Mouse Clicker webpage. In order to record the cursor positions, follow the procedure as outlined in the mouse recorder post of this website. Once you are done with recording, the mouse automation software will open up an editor where you can specify edit the mouse clicks recorded and disable mouse clicks so that the recorded click work as cursor mover only. In order to change a mouse click to cursor mover only, right click on the mouse click record and select the option to disable it. Once disabled the mouse automation record will work only to move the cursor according to the defined parameters.

Software o Move Cursor around the Windows Computer Screen

Cursor Mover Software

The mouse click editor software can be a really time saver. In case while recording the cursor positions by clicking on the computer screen on various windows, you opted to record preview of the window, you will be able to see a screenshot of possibly every window on which you clicked. Screenshot of every window on which you click will help you to identify every cursor position in the mouse automation script.

In case you disable all the recorded mouse clicks, you will have a pure cursor mover script which will move your mouse cursor around the computer screen as you recorded. Explore various features of the software using right click in the editor or with menu options of the mouse click editor. Use the software to create cursor mover mouse automation scripts easily and quickly. The Software is provided as shareware or in other words, you can try it out for free on a windows computer without any reminder popups to buy the software or without any feature limitation for 20 uses and in case you do like the software and you would like to create more cursor mover scripts to be executed using shortcut key combinations or with a scheduler or by just launching the cursor mover script file by double clicking on the file, you can unlock the trial limitations of the software by paying in a one time fee of USD 5 only.