Keep the Mouse Moving

Keep the Mouse Cursor Moving on Screen

Keep the mouse moving on computer's screen

This is a small software which can keep the mouse cursor moving automatically without any manual input untill stopped. The Mouse movements can be started and stopped using a configurable shortcut key combination. Keeping Mouse Cursor moving on your computer’s screen will prohibit screensaver to comeup (if configured) and would keep the windows computer active.

Click on the image above to know more about the software and keep your mouse cursor in motion when you want your computer to remain active. Easy and quick way to keep the mouse moving on computer’s screen.

Download this small mouse cursor automation software and let the mouse be in motion always or only when computer is left idle. The Mouse Automation software works on Windows computers and can be controlled from the system tray icon.      

Software to keep mouse moving when windows computer left inactive or idle

Keep Mouse Moving on an Idle Windows Computer

In case you configure the software to keep the mouse cursor moving only when computer is left idle, the mouse cursor will be moved as configured in the first screen above. However if you would like to start the mouse cursor movements with the shortcut key, then just enter 0 to disable the idle mouse cursor movement settings screen.