Mouse Button(s) Clicker

A Mouse Automation Software that can be used to click mouse buttons with a system wide configurable shortcut key. Click Middle Mouse Button, Left Click , Right Click or even Left Double Button Clicks.  Given below is the main screen of the mouse clicker software utility. The Software allows configuring upto 4 system wide shortcut keys which can be used independently. Download the Mouse Clicker software and try it for free to automate mouse clicks on windows easily.

Click Mouse Buttons with Keyboard

Click Mouse Buttons with Mouse Clicker Automation Software

Middle Mouse Button Click on Laptop or Desktop

The Mouse Button Clicker allows you to configuring system wide shortcut key to click the middle mouse button. The Software can be really handy if your mouse does not have middle mouse click button or middle mouse button is not working. The Middle Mouse Button provides useful functionality depending on the software on which you are using it. The Middle Mouse Button can be used in Internet Explorer or Firefox to scroll a website up, down or sideways. The Middle button when clicked on a link on a webpage opens up the link in new tab. The Mouse Clicker automation software can be used on any Windows Operating System

Automate Left and Right Mouse Clicks

The Mouse Clicker automation software also allows configuring of single or double clicks with shortcut key. In case you keep the keyboard shortcut key pressed, the software will automate multiple mouse clicks and it can really helpful many times.