Auto Keyboard Automation Software Utility

Automate Keyboard keys with Auto Keyboard Software Utility for Windows. The Software utility will automatically press and release the selected key at controllable speed and controllable number of times. The Keyboard Automation can be started and stopped using a shortcut key combination. Have a look at the screenshot of the Auto Keyboard Software Utility given below to get an idea of how it works and how you can put it to use wherever you wish a single keyboard key to be pressed and released many times.

Auto Keyboard to automate key press and release
Automate Key Press and Release with Auto Keyboard

Download the Auto Keyboard Software utility and let this automation software do the required keyboard automation for you. The Screenshot of the Auto Keyboard will give you an idea of how you can easily control the software.

The Auto Keyboard Software will send the selected key events directly as if they are being sent from the keyboard manually and can be a really handy and easy to use software tool to speed up key press and release on keyboard.

In case you would like to automatically type in long text sentences and would like to save time on typing sentences manually on keyboard , the Auto Typer software application can be really useful for you. The Auto Typer can be used to store text with a system wide shortcut key combination and whenever you press the  configured shortcut key, the text would be typed onto keyboard, just as if you are doing it manually.
You can use the Auto Keyboard Software utility to automate single key press and release multiple number of times and Auto Typer to automate typing of long sentences onto keyboard. Both of the software utilities sits silently in system tray and waits for the configured shortcut key to be pressed and whenever you press the configured shortcut key, the corresponding  software will do the keyboard automation as set.